Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's safe to go back in the water. Snow, however...

It’s nice when you meet someone who is on the same wavelength as yourself. Finding out that you don’t have to explain your jokes, pop culture references and temper tantrums. It’s even better when you meet a member of the opposite sex on the same wavelength, a sexy wavelength. Although saying, “show us your wavelength” is not much of a come on. Unless they are on your wavelength in which case it is.

I digress.

Meeting like minded people is great. People who have similar interests, who get your sense of humour, people cursed with the same social retardation as you. That’s very liberating.

Recently I met up with an old flatmate of mine, the esteemed Mr Will Kirton. He was meeting other people too, people I didn’t know which made me a bit anxious. Within minutes of meeting these people though I realized I would get along just fine with them. They were all creative, witty, urbane people…like me. Of course I was much better looking.

Anyway, after Will and a couple of others went for a smoke I was left in the pub with a chap called Ali. We very quickly got talking about movies and what the basic ingredients for blockbuster movies are. We came up with four.

Explosions. Never underestimate explosions. Explosions are important.

Ladies nipples .


Skiing. This was Ali’s idea . I don’t really like skiing in films. Apart from this bit which Alan Partridge can describe better than me:

The final product of these four ingredients was….

Wait for it…

Drum roll…


It pretty much sells itself.

This was the idea we had within five minutes of meeting each other. This either shows we are creative geniuses or that we are complete buffoons.

Unfortunately it turns out that someone has beat us to it:

Yep, someone has already had the idea for Snow Shark and actually made the damn thing. Badly.

That is one seriously fucked up wavelength.

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